Managing a hybrid platform combining private equity and full in-house property development capabilities, our veteran management team leads over 300 employees with a deep understanding of local operating environments.

White Peak’s diversified management team relies upon extensive experience in entrepreneurial ventures, fund management, property development and sales & marketing.

  • Jesper Jos Olsson
    Founding Partner and CEO
  • Eric Hao
    Senior Partner and VP of Operations
  • Iky Mao
    VP of Investment and Business Development
  • Carl Janglin
    Group CFO and Partner
  • Maggie Fu
  • Qi Zhao
    Operations Director
  • James Liu
    Project Management Director
  • Andy Zheng
    Project Marketing and Sales Director
  • Lily Li
    HR &Admin. Director
  • Ivy Wang
    Legal Director
  • Wenli Zhao
    Deputy Director of Cost & Contract
  • Xiaomei Yin
    Finance Director
  • Xiaohe Zhang
    Assistant Quality Director
  • Changyuan Li
    Regional General Manager (Pingdu · Linyi)
  • Jingye Yang
    Regional General Manager (Penglai · Laizhou)
  • Junfeng Wang
    General Manager (Taian)
  • Alan Liu
    General Manager (Jiaozhou)
  • Rihui Wang
    General Manager (Shenyang)