Introducing a unique Western management perspective to property development in China, White Peak is committed to leading the way in sustainable development and green performance. Setting industry standards in best practice, we continuously seek to minimize resource consumption and environmental impact in the communities where we live, work and operate – creating healthy, green and efficient environments for our future generations.



White Peak strives to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the company and instilling sustainability as a core value to all our employees. The construction and development process is closely monitored in terms of ecology, air index and water quality. White Peak constantly strives to improve utilization rate and reduce consumption rate. As sustainability is at the core of White Peak’s brand, we have created a dedicated team to oversee the level of sustainability performance throughout our portfolio. In addition the team provides training to staff at all levels within the company whilst advocating and encouraging all stakeholders to further develop sustainability efforts. White Peak strives to be a responsible partner in terms of local responsibility and environmental protection. White Peak believes that by constantly striving to improve our efforts in the field of sustainability we will grow our business in a responsible and future proof way.



We believe environmental awareness begins at home. To this end, all staff and workers are educated on the importance of environmental protection and trained to implement efficient, sustainable practices at every level.


Prioritising environmental protection standards throughout the development process, we create an Environmental Management Plan for each project that covers regulatory compliance, monitoring of environmental impact, worker education and safe disposal of waste and hazardous materials.




All of White Peak’s projects meet core design standards (DBJ 14-037-2012) for energy efficiency of residential buildings.


Applying a methodical Scandinavian approach to sustainability, we have commissioned external consultants to complete an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report on our projects and operations – which will affirm current strengths and identify performance gaps for ongoing improvement.